Storytelling Part 2

The other day I shared a little bit about a session that I did with two other teachers at NCTE.  The topic was about weaving storytelling into your reading, writing, and math workshops. I promised participants that I would post two videos of stories that have easy patterns.  Yesterday’s story was Sody Sallyrytus and today’s is Tipingee.  Below is how I interpret and tell the tale to primary students.  Both these stories are easy to learn to tell and both are also easy for the kids to reenact. If the video below doesn’t work for you, go directly to YouTube at:

You can google either of these tales and you will find other storytellers who tell these stories on YouTube.  You might notice two things — that Sallyrytus can be spelled many different ways and that most people pronounce Tipingee with a hard ‘g’ rather than the soft ‘g’ that I use.

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