Storytelling Part 1

Recently I presented a session at the NCTE conference with Katie Keier and Kassia Wedekind.  We shared how we use storytelling in classrooms.  Katie shared how she uses stories within her writing workshop while Kassia talked about storytelling in math.  My part of the presentation had to do with having students reenact or retell stories from Big Books or books read aloud or storytold.  I also shared how I use storytelling in grades 3-5 to reinforce reading strategies.

As I used my twenty minutes to try to inspire participants to become storytellers, I promised them that they could click on our website and see a telling of a tale that is easy to learn.  Click on the video below if you would like to see me telling the story called “Sody Sallyrytus” to two kindergarten classes. Then check back in a day or two when I will post the other story I suggested called “Tipingee.”

(If you have trouble with the video, go directly to you tube: The story isn’t really 11+ minutes long. I start by introducing my story candle and teach the song that the students will help me with.

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