Teachers on Twitter

I’ve been tweeting on Twitter for over a year now. I find it’s an amazing place to go for professional growth, development and inspiration. I’ve learned so much from the people I tweet with. I’m amazed at how much my list of followers has grown – and how many outstanding teachers I’ve come to know simply by reading their 140 character tweets. Recently, Kassia Omohundro Wedekind, author of Math Exchanges (coming this fall through Stenhouse),  and I sat down to discuss how we use Twitter in our professional lives. You can listen to our short podcast on the Stenhouse blog or here. Please follow us on Twitter – and we will follow you back! I tweet from @bluskyz and @CatchingReaders, Kassia tweets from @kassiaowedekind and Pat tweets from @PatJ222. You can find an extensive list of people to follow on the Stenhouse blog.

How do you use Twitter in your teaching life?


  1. Enjoyed your podcast. I’m amazed by all I have learned through conversations on Twitter. If I need information, advice, or help, my colleagues on Twitter are always ready to help. I like the more global view of education provided by the voices of so many educators around the world. I’m so glad it is summer so I can spend more time reading and learning with so many professionals.

  2. Thank you for sharing such great information on being active on twitter. I recently started participating in twitter thanks to the wise advice of my friend and colleague, Cathy. I am learning so much, I agree this is one resource no teacher should be without! I found more followers right here, thanks for sharing!

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