Inferring: The Heartbeat of Comprehension

Pat and I presented to a wonderful and (WOW!) very large group of teachers today at the International Reading Association’s conference in Orlando. We’d like to share the powerpoint with you here. If you would like to print the handouts, you can get them from the IRA’s website. Also, you can find an extended version of our presentation as a video Webcast on the Reading Recovery website. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for sharing this presentation; as English department chair at my school, I’m constantly trying to get all of the teachers– not just my department– to realize the supports we need to give struggling reading students. Perhaps this presentation is a resource I can share with them.

  2. We have contacted the IRA convention people and they’ve told us the handouts will be available after the convention. We apologize. We were under the impression that the whole reason we were uploading them to the site was for people to have before the conference. We apologize for not having handouts for everyone at the session. Please feel free to download the powerpoint off of SlideShare and print it out if you don’t want to wait for the IRA to post the handouts. Thanks!

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